The Forest is a wild, dangerous place. It sprawls out on a continent-sized piece of land that literally floats several miles above the surface of a planet called Talon. The Forest houses the Clearing and thus it is hosts most of the comings, goings and adventures of those who live in the Inn.

Within the confines of the clearing, not only is there the inn itself, but behind the inn lies the stables, and not far from these two buildings is Triss and Crim's hangar. Occasionally, a TARDIS is parked in front of the inn as well. In the forest, Dante and Valencia and Connor's bunker is hidden. Behind a waterfall somewhere in the forest is Rachel's hideout, and in a cave near a stream Lenmana makes her camp.

Just like its sentient inhabitants, the Forest is very diverse in the manner of its flora and fauna, and it has a reputation of being not only unpredictable, but also highly dangerous.


The forest is teeming with all sorts of creatures. Not only does it contain the usual woodland creatures - birds, rabbits, rodents, etc. - but it also has a number of strange and/or dangerous creatures. Some are more animalistic, like poisonous spider bears, but some are closer to human, like zombies or ghouls. Not all creatures are necessarily the sort to attack right away, but some will attack unprovoked.

Plant LifeEdit

As with the wildlife, there are two sides to the plant life found in the forest. There are, of course, the usual trees and flowers and whatnot, harmless enough as long as you know what is and is not edible and how to tell what poison ivy looks like. Then there are also the more sentient forms of plant life, like carnivorous vines, that will ensnare or even kill random passers-by. Usually, as long as people don't go about hacking away at plants, they're safe from a floral attack, but sometimes even the forest needs to take out its fury on people...