Syriana's WorldEdit

Syriana's World is an Earth-like world in which most of the user Syriana's characters happen to come from. It has technological advancements comparable to normal Earth, with a few exceptions.

Differences from our EarthEdit

An Unbalanced GovernmentEdit

The government in Syriana's World is extremely powerful, and always has been since its inception around 300 years ago. Government agents, while in the field, have near-absolute power to do almost anything they deem fit as long as they accomplish the goal to which they have been set. Any law passed by the government is said to be infallible and cannot be argued against or challenged. Trials are often quick and efficient with very little in the way of appeals. Bounty Hunter sects, especially those dealing with Meta-Humans, are also a very strong branch of government, given carte blanche to bring in criminals they have been sent out to capture.

The Meta-Human ConditionEdit

There are many differences between Syriana's World and normal Earth. Primarily, one of the differences is that this world not only has Meta-Humans with superhuman capabilities, but that they've been ingratiated into Syriana's World's society for the better part of 200 years. There is very little fear, racial discrimination, or hazing against them as they are an accepted part of society. They have a special police force, of which Syriana herself is a member, to keep them in line, special prisons for some of them, and many of them are given free admittance to Meta-Human schools to learn how to properly control their abilities.

There is also something called a Meta-Human Approval Council, a council of people that get together to determine whether or not a child is safe to release into society at a very young age when their powers start to develop. A voting board of directors analyzes the Meta-Human's abilities to determine if they have a great potential to lead to a dangerous Meta-Human. If the child has a power that is deemed to destructive, or multiple powers that can combine to be too destructive, they are sent to a surgery clinic to have their powers 'nullified'. The exact nullification process is not known to the general public, but is rumored to be very unpleasant.

Arcades Galore!Edit

There is also a heavy emphasis on entertainment on her homeworld. And where on normal Earth arcades, carnivals, and amusement parks are falling by the wayside, nothing can be further from the truth for Syriana's World. Arcades specifically are a huge part of the culture and society, with almost every city likely having a multi-story arcade where adults and children alike go to spend most of their free time. Arcade technology has also advanced, game programmers taking advantage of the large size of arcade cabinets to make stellar and well-thought-out arcade games.