General InformationEdit

  • Age: 17
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Appearance: She has waist-length silver hair and a number of thin, vertical scars on her neck. She has one blue and one green eye, though whenever she uses her fire they turn a firey orange themselves. She wears a black and orange dress, courtosey of Firebrand, and usually keeps a scroll of parchment and a pen or pencil with her so she can communicate.


She originally lived in a world similar to the one described in Inkheart, and was a slave to a cruel and fierce nobleman. Whenever she was scared or angry, she would accidentally cause things to burst into flame; she would often be beaten severely for this by her master, even though she had no control over it. Sometimes she would already be far too beaten, in which case the nobleman would throw her into a small, dark, vermin-infested cell for days with no food and very little water. To keep her silent, he eventually cut open her throat and removed her vocal cords.

When she was seventeen she was found by Barney, a nine-inch-tall man with bat-like wings; the man took pity on her and freed her from the nobleman, and brought her to the inn. She was very timid of others at first, and accidentally set fire to a few things in the inn in her fear, but she is slowly adapting. She still has a fear of knives, though, given the 'surgery' she had undergone. Because she couldn't speak no one, not even Barney, knew her name, but since she seemed to VERY much like strawberry jam the residents took to calling her 'Strawberry'.

She was never taught to read or write - it was against the law in her homeworld, punishable by death, for women to be able to do so - but when she finally worked up the courage she had Barney teach her to do so. She was a very quick, determined student, and soon enough was able to communicate with others. She never told anyone her real name though, she liked 'Strawberry' just fine!

Her own fire continued to be something that scared her for a while, but when she met Firebrand she was told of the possibilities of her fire NOT being something bad or something to fear, and with her help she began to learn to control it. She is very determined to learn full control of her fire, and she is well on her way to mastering it.


  • Able to learn things very quickly and efficiently
  • Control over fire