A creature of many names and titles, this Fae is certainly one to attract all sorts of interest and intrigue.  While others may know her by other epithets, Sorcha is the name the Inn dwellers know her as such.  But to a certain pair of fledglings, the enigmatic woman remains their mother, faithful and true.  Or so she claims, for what is honest about so deviant a creature?


Despite the youthful appearance, Sorcha could be placed at being at least several centuries old with more certainly being a possibility.  Long red hair and golden eyes give her a feeling of warmth and vitality, as her expression ranges quite easily from devilish glee to motherly insight and compassion.  Vines and flowers alike intertwine with her hair, a quick peak into the ties she holds with the land.  In addition to claiming her hair, a single vine wraps itself loosely around her left arm, terminating at the back of her wrist.  A simple, light-green summer dress wraps itself around her frame, the left shoulder bare while a fair bit of light material hangs over up to half of the upper part of the right arm.  The bottom of the dress ends mid-thigh at the front where it then sweeps around to the back of her calves while simple, pointed dark-green boots come up to mid-shin height.  Even with all this in mind, her most defining feature would be the pair of wings sprouting form her back.  Covered in resplendent colors of green, blue, and purple, they resembled a hummingbird's.  They were not designed for height and extended flight.  Rather, they were meant for quick bursts or simply to hover.


A wonderfully mysterious creature, not much is known about her aside from the warped lens that Alyx sees her in. Mother to both Alyx and Emma , it seems there was quite a falling out between the two.  After being blamed for Alyx's misfortune and sudden manifestations of her wings when asked to look after Emma, there had been little, if any, contact between the two for at least a decade.  During this period of time, her daughter was supposedly on the run for her life while still trying to desperately hold on to her last vestiges of "humanity".  Sorcha is credited with being the one to have sent the assassins after Alyx, as well as being the enigmatic High Queen of the Fae.  But how much of it is fact or just delusional rambling is unknown.  Curiously enough, however, is that she did not deny having been the one to send the assassins.  As for whether or not she is the true High Queen or not, remains to be seen.  It will take a brave soul to merely ask, and a braver one yet if they only knew she could not lie.