Located on the western portion of Koniki, Singularia is a city known for its rapid and vast advancements in technology. Thanks to the relative stability of natural laws within its region, scientific advancement proceeds forward without slowing for breath. Singularia was named for the hope of one day reaching the Technological Singularity, the point when organic and synthetic life combine into something new. Its architecture is marked by soaring towers made of glass and steel, stretching almost to the clouds.

Within the city limits of Singularia, the rigidity of natural laws prevent the use of magic or any other supernatural abilities. Individuals who rely on such forces to stay alive grow weaker the closer they get to the city, and risk death if they set foot within the city's center.


E=MC Square - Situated at the center of the thriving merchan district, the plaza is surrounded by the tallest and most advanced buildings in Singularia. 

Relativity General Hospital - Thanks to bleeding edge medical technology, patients at Relativity General can expect the very best of care. Cybernetic enhancements are available for wealtheir patients, along with cloning and genetic tailoring services.

Pizza Pi - Everybody's favorite delivery restaurant, who boasts they're able to deliver anywhere in the city within twenty minutes. Most customers insist that they rarely need that much time.

Upsilon University - As the only traditional center of learning on Koniki, "Double U" is known for its research laboratories. All the brightest minds congregate to study and unlock the secrets of the universe, largely by reverse-engineering bits of technology gathered from all across the continent.


The city is run by a powerful group known only as The Board of Directors. They have spies and operatives everywhere, and few things happen in Singularia that they do not know about.