An abstract depiction of ScrambleMan.


ScrambleMan was made by altXanit, and sent to the Koniki clearing to do something nefarious, but never really ended up doing it. Instead, he's taken to spending his time corrupting the games in the inn's arcade and observing the results.


He's vaguely humanoid, but otherwise just kind of a mess of robotic parts, given that he only has a physical form due to his assimilation of a machine. He often uses the screen of whatever machine he's assimilated as a face, but it doesn't usually display anything coherent. When he gains a physical body, he appears blocky, glitchy, and his color scheme never works very well. He actually corrupts the light around him, and looks different, depending on your perspective. For instance, looking at him head-on, his shoulder might look fairly understandable, but looking at him from a profile perspective, the same shoulder could suddenly be borrowing graphics from somewhere else in the room, like it's the corner of a light fixture or something.


He doesn't have much personality, having spent most of his time as a corruptor program. He speaks in broken English, his volume vaciliating as he talks. He's intrigued by reality, and is determined to enjoy it just as he's enjoyed the virtual world. He doesn't really understand interpersonal relationships. He is in the process of developing a sense of morality. To him, "data is data." ...Which is like saying "water is water, even if it's ice," except it's more like "water is feathers, even if it's a grilled cheese sandwich." He respects data for its existence, but not the state that it's in.


He corrupts things, randomizing their variables. The projectiles he can fire from his Null Driver alter data, scrambling parts of their target and editing their qualities. It probably wouldn't be good to have your skin displaced by his weapon.

Since his, uh, natural state is just a program, he can leave his body and enter data systems. Eventually, through sustained corruption, he will be able to use the machine's structure as his body.