Natules is a nature spirit occupying the forest around the Clearing.

In her past life, she was a warrioress with great physical strength and the ability to utilize nature.

She appears in a flowey-robey dress, and barefoot as a spirit. She has a young face, and is about 5'6.

In her past life, Natules wears a custom made battle suit from her father Duboris.


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Abilities and StatsEdit

Strength Dexterity Intelligence Insight Weapon
Natules [Spirit] 5 6 8 11 Nature
Synaryn Ahrate* 11 8 8 9 Beige Aura

Enhanced Strength - Natules displays the strength of three adult men as a spirit.

Super Strength* - Synaryn displays a huge amount of strength when awakened.

Aura* - Synaryn's aura returns to her when she awakens. Aura is condensed natural energy stored within the body, this is used to power their abilities. This aura is what provides Nutile's great strength, as well as her ability to use nature.

Nature - Beige - With this ability Natules is able to use nature in a variety of ways. As a spirit, she is able to use her abilities on a smaller scale, mostly using her surroundings. When awakened, she can sprout plant parts from her body and cause plants to grow rapidly, shifting the terrain.

Impact Style* - This is a special Ahratian fighting style, developed by Synaryn. By combining the momentum of her punch with the driving force of her nature ability, she created a devastating one-two combo that has been passed down the Ahrate family, and expanded on.