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Montana Deschain


Montana looks just like your average auburn/red fox. He is medium in size and has a long fluffy tail which has a white tip on the end as well as equally fluffy fox ears. He has dark brown eyes and a black nose.


Montana is just a normal fox that was adopted by the Deschain family. Technically, he belongs to Aristaqis but the entire family takes care of him. He was taken from a pet shop at the age of just a baby and given to her to raise, which she has done a good job with. He generally likes to play and frolic with the other members of the family and has developed a fondness of pouncing Aristaqis.

Recently, he has been slightly depressed, having to be locked up in Syriana's room most of the day and not being able to freely wander around by himself because of the dangers of the Forest. However, with the development of Eggy Land he has been allowed to wander the grounds wherever he choses, improving his mood considerably.


Montana is your average fox. Quick, cunning, and able to outsmart his foes. However he has no magical abilities to speak of. He has, however, been able to communicate with Eggy and Razzy, likely due to their similar Fox-like Heritage.