Matty is a trim and fit (at 5'4" and 135lbs in a very athletic build) 20 year old with a short crop of brown hair and a black ball cap. He tends to be dressed in a nice shirt and slacks, but will add a frock coat and rainbow colored scarf as the weather gets cold. On his hand is large iron ring with a golden band next  to it. On his wrist is an expensive looking wristwatch.

Matty can also, among other forms, turn into a wolf form, though his wolf actualy looks like a golden jackel , thin and lithe with a coat of brown/grey fur and narrow form with a tapered face and pronounced snout. Around his right forpaw is a metalic band that used to be his watch.

Matthew is a kind of werewolf known as a Garou. From a distant dimension, he travels to Koniki to find a refreshing change of pace from his normal life and help him get new perspectives and a breath of fresh air so he can survive in his homeland without succumbing to the temptations of the evil that lurks there.