The InnEdit

The inn is a four-story building in the middle of a clearing on the Koniki floating island. It has two basements, a library, an arcade, and a number of rooms for people to stay in, long or short term. The kitchen is always stocked with various food and drink items, suitable for a wide variety of species to consume. Each room in the inn changes to better suit the resident's needs and personality.

The ClearingEdit

There are a few clearings in the forest, but the largest is the one the inn is set in. Not only does it contain the inn and the hangar, but there is also a fairly large lake just beside the clearing, with an island in the middle. While still not completely safe from harm, the clearing is by far the safest place to be while in the forest.

The HangarEdit

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Dante's BunkerEdit

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Rachel's HideoutEdit

About a twenty-minute walk from the clearing, Rachel's hideout is hidden in a cave behind a waterfall. She has expanded the size of her hideout, so it's approximately the size of a football field, all underground, with an adjoining chamber she stores the scraps of metal and gemstones she uses in her sculptures. In the middle of the hideout is the massive metal tree sculpture she uses as her 'boredom' project, and it also contains a small 'room' in the base of the trunk that she sleeps in. Along the walls of the chamber are various sculptures she has completed or is working on. When she has enough sculptures, she takes them to cities and sells them, and also accepts commission work. She doesn't trust banks, so has a secret place she stashes the cash she earns from this; aside from upgrading security for her hideout, she doesn't use the money yet.

Lenmana's CampEdit

In a cave near a stream is where Lenmana calls home. She has a woven blanket she uses as a door over the flap of the cave, a platform to dry and stretch animal skins, an underground 'fridge' to keep meat and other things cooled, and in the center of the camp is a fire pit. Whenever she isn't around, her companion wolf Koda guards the camp, or when she is in Ace's ship it generally keeps itself safe enough.

Leo's AirshipEdit

Docked at one edge of the floating island, Leo's airship is exactly that: a floating ship. When he's not on board, his cyborg dragon Fyzen guards the vessel. The airship can not only take people to and from the city below, but also to other cities and even other dimensions, for a price.