Originally the Archangel of Laughter, Kobal fell with Lucifer and his armies. Now the Demon Prince of Mockery he uses his intellect to provoke responses out of others. One of the few who knows the truth, that god can end this game at any time of his choosing yet he lets it go on to bring him pleasure.

Believing his arrival on Koniki Island and his half human half demon form to be punishment from god, a punishment worse than death in his eyes, he has held back from attempting superiority over everyone else. Though this change in personality is likely temporary at least until he figures out where he is and what powers he still has.

Recently a fellow demon made a pact with Kobal returning his full powers in exchange for his services. Along with his powers he was able to return to his true demonic form. However it's a forced change his base form is now the half human half demon appearance he despises.

Whimsical to the extreme and having no interest in gaining any real power he continues to play the game knowing there is no real winning or losing.


Kobal in half human half demon form

Name: Kobal

Age: Ancient

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 120lbs

Race: Demon


In his half human half demon form he looks rather weird with blue highlights on his wings, tail, and eyes. He dresses himself oddly not really having a concept of what to wear. The collar with the broken chain won't come off no matter what he tries. His teeth are sharp and spiky while his black fingernails look more like sharp claws than nails. Standing a little under six feet tall and very thin weighing only 120lbs.

In full demon form he stands nearly nine feet tall and is very wide. Covered in black armor from head to toe with only his pure black wings exposed. Although big his wings don't appear to be big enough to lift his massive form.


Demonic lightening - Dark charges that seem to suck the light from around them into a dark oblivion. He can shoots these or charge his armor with it. When charged anything that touches him will receive the full charge that's in the armor.

Portals - Connecting to anywhere he wants, hell is one of the more common places and his secret desolate planet that even other demons can't find him on.

Regen - Capable of healing even fatal wounds, though when he heals others it the demonic energy will slightly corrupt them.

Fire - Can make a strange blue fire that only interacts with what he chooses. This is one of the few powers he can use when no in full demon form.


Pic created by Roksi10 on deviant art