Immmortals are a species of beings whom are all-female. They are gifted with eternal youth, but can be killed in battle. However, they can not die from natrual causes-- Hence their name.

Immortals gain traits from several things; Animals, and mythological beings. The traits appear in both their magic, and their appearance; for instance, if one were a Unicorn Angel Immortal, they might have the horn from the Unicorn, and wings from an Angel, and so on, and so forth. Another example would be Jane-- Kitsune tails, ears, and Phoenix wings. The traits can manifest in pretty much any way.

They are an all female species; but can mate with each other, through impregnation of spirit energy. Immortal childs are normally born Immortals, but if mating with a regular human-- depending on who the carrier of the child is, the baby can be either human or Immortal. Sometimes, the genes pass down generations and activate on a descendant, manifesting them into an Immortal-- such is the case of what happened to Jane, whom was turned from a guy to a girl in the process.

There are currently two known Immortal planets: Arithea and Mynxia. The former is headed by the compassionate and benevolent Mother, while the later is almost a dictatorship controlled by the cruel and sadistic Father. Mynxians are distincitive in that they each have a glowing red eye, a symbol of Father's control and will over them.

~Known Immortals~


Jane, the Magical Girl - Played by Elaine


Rain - Played by Striker