Fae, the "Fair folk", a race of magical, immortal beings, generally humanoid in appearance. 


Fae are generally humanoid in appearance; however they generally have something that makes them as "Different"-Wings, horns, stature. They will also tend to be quite striking, not necessarily beautiful, but their glamour insures that they inspire the feeling they want with a mere look.


It is impossible to make a statement on the Fae's personality; indeed one cannot be sure of what any one Fae's mood will be like. They are capricious. They can be laughing one moment and invoking bloody murder the next... (Of course they could still be laughing at the time). Despite that, there are a few traits that come up more regularly than others. First of all, they are easily bored, and this will fuel their inherent love of pranks and other practical jokes, they also tend to quite vengeful, wronging one is the last thing many people have done...


They are immortal, not to say they cannot be killed, but they do not age and are unaffected by most ailments and diseases.

They are magic users, generally effecting natural phenomena. They are usually quite powerful, but tend to try and hide exactly what they can do, until a power is required.

They cannot lie- they can omit details, twist the truth or mislead, but they cannot state anything they know to be untrue, by extension, they are bound to their word. If they promise to do something, they /must/ do it, or die trying.

A Note on Glamour

Glamour is an inherant ability shared by all Fae,it is an manipulation of appearance, though as opposed to normal illusion, glamour doesn't actual change what the fae, looks like, rather it changes who they are perceived, they can appear beautiful, fearsome, or simple unimportant, part of the background.The magic is insidious,the more confidence someone has in there ability to perceive keenly, the better it works, as again, it doesn't effect what is seen...merely how it is interpreted.

Countering Glamour

Practice- Simple, the more times you see it in action, knowing what it is, the harder it is to be fooled.

It doesn't work on Non-organic beings, obviously, additionally it tends to work...erratically with non-mortals, certainly other Fae are (Mostly) Immune to it.

Glamour has to work with what is there- A Troll can't be beautiful, a Pixie cannot terrify, and you can't remain unobtrusive unless those around you wouldn't pay you much mind if you just passed them in the street.

And finally, remember, the Fae are /not/ human. Not in the slightest, they have no human compassion, morality or desires. Some may fake it, even convince themselves it is true, Fae are capable of huge amounts of self-deception, but every Fae, at heart, is completely amoral. Indeed, by any human standard, every Fae is completely, and utterly insane.....