He's actually really annoyed about it,he's just posing for the picture

After removing his clan to a new world through a Portal, Carona was following after when he get Waylaid, landing in the Inn instead, much to his chagrin.


About 5'10 with a burnt brown skin tone,his Orange is made of a (low temperature) fire which constantly flickers and emits sparks when disturbed beyond that, this fingers end in sharp points without nails.

After being dipped in liquid nitrogen by Faust, his regeneration has left him 1ft tall. He is not happy about this.

Abilities Edit

Has Pyrokinesis from his Flamekin heritage.

Is capable of creating portals that link two locations together, with the aid of a focus, he can make them intradimensional.

Has a high degree of regeneration, but cannot create extra matter for his body.