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Standing at 9" (yes inches) tall with black leathery bat like wings. Constantly shirtless showing off his chiseled abs and pecks but using the excuse that it bothers his wings. Short black well kept hair and a rather handsome face. His eyes are all back with greenish pupils that seem to sink infinitely down. Wears a nice pair of dress pants and no shoes.


Comes from a world where magic was common and the landscape varied from the bright forested area where his kind live to the dark mountainous regions where the humans lived. Though not welcomed he often went into the human areas, with his ability to teleport he never had an issue getting away should he be seen. On one of these trips he found a human being tortured by the others. He couldn't leave her there so he flew in and tried to teleport her out. He knew it was risky to teleport a full size human but did it anyway. Due to the size difference and distance he was trying to teleport her they ended up on Koniki Island. The woman later became known as Strawberry though she never spoke.

A Beautiful MelodyEdit

He soon found he wasn't the only fairy like creature at the inn. When he moved into the dollhouse in the living room he met Melody. Due to a run in with a succubus he revealed just how he felt about her. A short while later a dark figure from her past called Raven came back and seemed to be after Barney now as well. In his attempt to save Melody by teleporting a flaming log inside Raven he was severely burned and nearly died. In the end Melody brought him back to the inn and with the help of a healing potion Barney recovered however the membrane of his wings never returned. Later Melody would use magic to help regrow his wings. Life settled down for them mostly but the magic had unexpected results. While talking with Strawberry one day another resident of the inn upset her causing her to start a few fires. Barney was caught in the fire but to his surprise he was not burned, though his clothing was. Unbeknownst to him his hair and wings started changing from black to reddish brown after that.


Commission 32 by roksi10-d5zx4mh
Head shot

Name: Barney Stinson

Age: 28

Height: 9"

Weight: 2.4lbs

Race: Fairy


A ladies man a heart he can't help but be a gentleman to every woman he meets. From formally introducing himself to kissing the hands of those he talks too.


Pics created by Roksi10 on deviant art! She does commissions if you would like your character drawn and like me can't do it yourself!